Puppies 2011



the proud parents


Ingrid's I am the Princess of Classic Line
HD: B  PRA cl  FN ca
Dt.+ Lux. Jgd Ch, Esgr 06,


Zauberprinz vom Schloss Hellenstein
HD:A  PRA cl  FN cl
BIS Puppy V1
owner  Kennel Fantasia's




A last view over the fence

tomorrow we move in our new families



All puppies got wonderful homes


Anja in North- Germany is getting the 2nd dog from our kennel


Gaby is living with 3 dogs from my kennel beside her parents

today she, together with her husband, they will get her 2nd dog from me.

Now " Prinz Frederik"   has his  "Princess Mary"   .


My good friend Johanna from Cologne is getting her 3rd dog from our kennel


Family Sonntag are getting their 2nd dog from me

"Eva" from my 10 puppies litter 2000 is happy about "Pauline".


Ina growed up with 2 dogs from me which belonged to her parents,

today she is moving with her husband and 1. dog in their new house



All this friends we wish a long, healthy and happy life
together with " my little mouses"
in everlasting frienship     yours Ingrid and Dietmar.





ALEXIA bleibt bei uns.



Wir sind  7  Wochen alt und unser Frauchen versucht  "Steh"  mit uns zu machen.



Ingrid's Noble Prinz Henrik of Classic Line




Ingrid's Nice Princess Alexia of Classic Line




Ingrid's Nice Princess  Isabella of Classic Line




Ingrid's Nice Princess Pauline of Classic Line




Ingrid's Nice Princess Mary of Classic Line




Ingrid's Nice Princess Kate of Classic Line



23.02.2011,   wir sind  6  Wochen alt.


Doch der Frühling hat sich wieder verabschiedet,  es hat geschneit.!!!

Aber es hat uns riesen Spass gemacht.


Ab in den  Schnee.










we are now 5 weeks old and want to introduce ourselves



to all our friends and visitor of our homepage we wish a wonderful

your "minimouses"





















from our whelping box in the bedroom

we moved downstairs near the livingroom of our human-parents



our last meal in the whelping box


the first minutes in our new place






our first meal in our new place


The  3 - weeks - snapshots


A whelpingbox full of happiness




Miracle Mirror - can it say who is the most beautiful of us ??















we are 14 days old, our little eyes are open

and our legs starts to carry us



We are one week old,

look , how much we growed!!

19.01. 2011














The puppies are born 12.01.2011





1 boy   blueroan

1 girl  blueroan

4 girls   orange / white

breeders happyness!!!!!!




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