Puppies 2009


The princess felt in love with her prince


Ingrid's I'm the Princess of Classic Line


Zauberprinz vom Schloß Hellenstein

are a couple


we are curious about the little princes and princess



Ingrid's I'm the Princess of Classic Line

Zauberprinz vom Schloß Hellenstein

Dt.+ Lux.Jgd.Ch.,Esgr.06,Dt.Ch.VDH + Klub, CACIB

HD A1, PRA cl de, FN cl

HD B1, PRA cl, FN ca

owner: Fantasia's




 12.+13. of  December 2009


We have to say good bye to all our friends




Prinz   William



Prinzessin  Caroline

Au  revoir


Prinzessin  Maxima

Tot  ziens


Prinzessin  Victoria

Hej  da!


Prinz  Frederik

Farvel,     und  Tschüß


  05.+ 06. of December  2009


soon Santa Claus is coming














  28./ 29. of November 2009


hurry hurry , the rain stopped so we can move out for a while







we are really tired from playing outside


 21./ 22. of November 2009


We are 6 weeks old and our mum will try to stack us





Prinz Frederik




Prinzessin Caroline




Prinz William




Prinzessin Victoria




Prinzessin Maxima


 14. + 15. of November 2009


5 weeks old and soo beautiful



Ingrid's Prinzessin  Maxima of Classic Line



Ingrid's Prinzessin Victoria of Classic Line



Ingrid's Prinz William of Classic Line



Ingrid's Prinzessin Caroline of Classic Line



Ingrid's Prinz Frederik of Classic Line


Sonntag   08.of November2009  


we are 4 weeks old and we moved out of our puppy room and now life starts to be really interesting.





Moni is really astonished about the little babies


  01.November 2009                 


3 weeks old and its really not easy to eat such a nice meat pudding








                     25.October 2009                     

14 days old

brother and sister


Prinzessin Viktoria      und      Prinz William


Prinzessin   Caroline      und       Prinz   Frederik


Prinzessin   Maxima,   all alone??


noooooo, she has 2 bothers, v.l.n.r.   Prinz   Frederik        and       Prinz   William


we are able to make a few steps to explore the world of our whelping box


News from our sunday kids

one week later 18.10.2009


the boys



Ingrid's Prinz Frederik of  Classic Line



Ingrid's Prinz William of Classic Line



the girls



Ingrid's Prinzessin Caroline of Classic Line



Ingrid's Prinzessin Maxima of Classic Line



Ingrid's Prinzessin Victoria of Classic Line




the first pictures of our Sunday born puppies

the princes and princesses are born

3   girls + 2   boys  Sunday,  11.October 2009


Mutter und Kinder sind wohl auf







Gwendys litter 2009


Our storybook litter is now 3 months old


we visited "Gilbert" in Büchen near Hamburg

the meeting was full of happiness


the first pictures per Mail of "Pierre" in his new home


"Louis" aus Essen


"Claude" visited us


still waiting for pictures of Marielle


the proud parents


Dt. Ch. VDH   +   Klub,   CACIB
Lochdene Time Keeper
HD -/+,  PRA+Kat.vorl.frei
DNA-Test's:    PRA clear    FN clear

Dt. Jgd. Ch.  Dt. Ch. VDH   Sgr. Anw.
Ingrid's Gwendy of Classic Line

HD - , PRA+Kat. vorl.frei
DNA-Test's:   PRA clear   FN clear


These puppies will never suffer of PRA or FN disease because they are clear by parents


the good- bye



six little toys remining on a nice puppy time


to all of you a wish a wonderful long and healthy live togehter
with your new owners


Good luck

Yours mum


the first pictures of stacking

8 weeks old



shots from

20th  April 2009



the storybook litter .....of Classic Line

we are wishing




Ma  Cherie













have a nice weekend!!

04./ 05.  April  2009



now the spring starts, the babies are 3 weeks old
 and soon they will play on this wonderful colored grass


but for today still a "Hey" from inside


Ma Cherie                   Monsieur Gilbert


Monsieur  Claude


Monsieur Pierre                 Monsieur Luis




Ma  Cherie


The first page from the book of fairytales is opened

the puppies are 2 weeks old

the eyes are opened and they are discovering their whelping box


now its time to introduce ourselves


Monsieur   Pierre


Monsieur   Claude


Monsieur   Luis




Ma Cherie


Monsieur   Gilbert


sleeping well



A litter like a fairytale

is one week old

10th of March  2009


Our Sextett

the 4 boys

the 2 girls



the first photos after the whelping  03rd of March 2009.

4 boys  3  Tricolor,  1  blueroan,    2 girls 1 blueroan  1  orangeroan



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