Puppies 2006  

5  X   Ingrid's   Cool  ...  of   Classic   Line             8 weeks old



soo clever



   small but oho         




the cute one






           the grown updog                



           DIAMOND  WAY                   

  the funny Pirat       




Now our puppies are 9 1/2 weeks old

this weekend, 03.+ 04.02.07 they will leave us

my wish for the future: A lot of luck and happiness with their new owners

You need help or advice....just call  me whenever you want



goodbye brother, we will meet again for  our  birthdayparty 2008


Good luck my sweeties


A page for   Pianotta

our single girl




hey..dont forget your 4 boys!!!!





brother  and sister




a carton full of  "Cockergold"


brothers where are  you ????????????????????


hey..come on..join us!!!!!


here we all five   


 "Ingrid's   Cool ...   of Classic Line"
4  weeks  young









Diamond Way

Pianotta, our girl



Ingrid's  Cool  Shutterfly of Classic Line







A winter dream



We are almost 2 weeks old

our eyes are open

and we are exploring our home



but the best place is with mum



30th  of  November   2006


5   healthy   puppis  are born


4   fat  boys,   1   cute  girl


The proud parents





Cockergold Cool  N' Vital

Ingrid's I'm the Princess of Classic Line


DK(u)Ch.  N(u)Ch.  KLBCH.

Dt. Jgd.Ch.   Lux Jgd.Ch.   VDH-Ch.

NV 06  DKKV 06   PL-CH.

Europasiegerin  2006

Cocker of the Year 2006 in  DK

Pedigree Pedigree



 Waiting for the babies November 2006


Ingrid's I'm the Princess of Classic Line


A happy girl is waiting for her babies


she becomes more and more beautiful
the eyes are bright and the hair is shining
she looks more and more like her father
but she gained a little bit of weight :-))


pictures of the litter 2005 here



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