the year 2006 here


December     2007


Happy Christmas

to all our friends in Germany and abroad



Now we have to wear warm clothes, cap and scarf and gloves


The christmas days we will spent in Denmark

beside the Northern Sea


We will enjoy to feel the blowing seawind and we ll forgot all sorrows

Happy and Successfull New YEAR 2008








wonderful head, good deep chest and for chest
really short and cobby backs,
wonderful mucles, perfect presentation. movements without any anatomic mistakes
 A real Cob-Typ.
the typ of an english Champion
Judge: Professor Dr. K. Sciesinski  Pl
Ingrid's Claudio of Classic Line



Very beautiful, one of the nicest orange girls I ever saw
very cute head, wonderful eyes
wonderful chest, excellente shoulders good
ribs, nice back angulations,
excellente feets, moving free and merry
good hair and excellent presentation
Judge: Mrs. Rathbone  GB
Ingrid' I m the Princess of Classic Line



blueroan girl, good typ, nice size, very good bones and muscles ,feminin head with good expression
short and cobby back with excellent rips and chest
moves well and friendly charakter
Judge: Silke Warneke  D
Ingrid' s Gwendy of Classic Line




November     2007


Review 2007


Ingrid 's Claudio of Classic Line


succeded to become

Deutscher VDH-Veteranen Champion

Deutscher Klub-Veteranen  Champion


Ingrid's I'm the Princess of Classic Line


won her last CAC to become

Deutschen Champion Klub


Claudio and Inga succeded to have all champion titles of Germany.

So we are looking forward to a stressless showyear 2008

May be next year we will see for shows abroad


Or we stay at home , excising stressless weekends without shows



Oktober     2007


Visiting Pianotta

in Büsum




Cool 'N Vital'


Ingrid's I'm the Princess

of Classic Line


Here we are in St. Peter-Ording



September      2007


Ingrid's Lover Boy of Classic Line

called     " Lollo"


Lollo alone at home....


but his mum is taking care


but sometimes he want to have his own adventures


i am sure there was a mouse...


Hello from  Berlin!!!
"Lucie ", now called Kira



Juni     2007


And again the wonder of a new born life

6  puppies are born


they are fat and healthy and soo cute





proudly present their litter


Leoni,  Lausbub,  Lara (orange), Lollo,  Little Joe,  und Lucie




Unsere   Cockergold  /  of  Classic  Line  -  Puppies

now we are 6 month old and we visit Ingrid for grooming




before the grooming


after the grooming




after the grooming


after the grooming


Diamond  Way


before the grooming


after the grooming




before the grooming


after the grooming



Shutterfly and Diamond Way  enjoy to playi n our garden




May  2007



the birthday of our " Hella" is in May

Hella is a special kind of hunting dog " Deutsche Dachsbracke"


she will be 11 years old




April     2007



Happy Easter and a lot of sunny and warm springdays

wish the Cockers  "of Classic Line"




March      2007


Senta's  and  Claudio's



We are now 5 weeks old and we are enjoying our life



Multi-Champ.   Ingrid's Claudio of Classic Line



February     2007


Pianotta 's   new home




the light house
, the town's landmark   B Ü S U M



snowdrops in february


the snowdrops growing in our garden,

but the snow we missed this year

Januar      2007





copyright und design  Barbara Tej