News 2008


The turn of the year and a few days of holiday

we spent in the "Badisches Allgäu"


Bad   W u r z a c h


spa hotel  Bad Wurzach

 The  K O L B E N,    home of the kennel " vom Schloss Hellenstein "



here we found for our GWENDY    the "dream" studdog KEEPIE !!!


Keepie   and   Gwendy

Foto's  by  M.Bollinger




together with my Mum and Dad

we visited Altena


Yesterday my sibling "Cumano" visited us too

but what a pity , we forgot to take pictures


Today,  13.12.2008 , my grandfather Claudio and my uncle Eiko visited us.


Hella,  Eiko,  Inga,    PIA ,   Gwendy  und Claudio.


Bye Bye sweeties !!

Today we have to go back to our home


Cu and take care you three!!




Our Wedding Day in Denmark

20.September 2008


in       Hirtshals


At the Wedding Office with Helle Jacobsen

changing the rings

Well done !!!!

Also the dogs was with us and they wear nice ribbons




Juni     2008


14 sunny days in Denmark are over



Inga is excising the sun



Last weeks was full of sadness because we got that INGA is not pregnant

I started my breeding with the Lindridge bloodline and I wanted
to close the circle with Lindride blood


but the dream bursted like a balloon


Now we have to wait for autumn then Gwendy will be in her season and we have to search for a new "dreamman"



I feel sorry for all the people who made reservation for  a puppy

but I hope some will be patient and waiting for the next litter


And now I move to clean the garden!!





Mai     2008


We visited

Marie-Claude  &   Michel  Felicité

La Ferté Gaucher (near Paris)  

to mate Inga with Josh

Marie Claude; thanks for the wonderful days at your home

A big thank you to Adrienne König ( Kennel König's Cocker) who brought us the idea
Babs Tej who made the whole organisation


Lindridge Five Star

Ingrid's I'm the Princess of Classic Line


Inga und Josh

Farewell, my boy



März     2008



und viele schöne Frühlingstage wünschen

wir   " of Classic Line "






February    2008



Bronze Clubmedal

for the title

Deutscher Veteranen-Champion    (Klub)


Claudio, this year you will be 10 years old.

10y ears you gave me  alot of success and happiness

I love You




Januar     2008


We took our christmas tree and a lot of candles with us to celebrate the chistmas time in
Tornby/ Denmark
it was raining and stormy even on Silvester



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