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Bundessieger  Show

Dortmund 14.10.2007

Judge: Uwe Fischer (D) dogs  /  J. Olszewski (PL)  bitches


Ingrid's Claudio of Classic Line won


" Bester Veteran der Rasse"  (Best Senior of Breed)


Ingrid's Princess of Classic Line


Champ. Klasse   V 1  Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH


Ingrid's Julie of Classic Line
Open class  very good 2
and why ??????
the opinion of Herrn Olszewski:
" she is not ladylike"
         Sire:   Leading-Light Phenomenan
      Dam: Ingrid's Gwendy of Classic Line


Nationale Show

Dortmund 12.10. 2007

Judge: S. Warneke (D)


Ingrid's Claudio, Inga + Julie

of Classic Line


all 3 won their classes and got

  V 1   Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH  from judge Mrs. Warneke



Leipzig    09. September 2007


Judge. Dr. Peter Beyersdorf  (D)



Champion - Klasse


Ingrid's I'm the Princess of Classic Line


V  1  Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH


CAC     CACIB      Beste Hündin  BOS

Caminada Sterling Gold


Bester Rüde     BOB



 " Inga"  won BOS


März 2006 in Sint Truiden/ Belgien

Mai 2006 in Dortmund /    Europasiegerin

März 2007 in Berlin /        Berlin-Siegerin

 September 2007 in Leipzig /     Leipzig- Siegerin      


we are soo happy about this great success of our girl



Kassel    29. Juli  2007


Judge:  Dr. Kettendörfer  ( D)



V  1     Anw.  Dt.Ch. VDH

Ingrid's  I' m the  Princess of Classic Line

CAC - Res.



It was impossible to take pictures of the show because the rain didnt stopped for one second




Clubschau Bramsche     27. Mai 2007


Judge: Petr Studenik (CZ)



1. Platz  V-CAC   Clubveteranensieger 2007

Ingrid's  Claudio of Classic  Line




the winner of the  Club-Schau



Ingrid's  Claudio and  Ingrid's Bea  of Classic Line


intermediate class

with  "Ingrid's Joleen of Classic Line ( owner: C. Kramer)

and  "Ingrid's Jessica of Classic Line ( onwer: Schmidtke)


open class

V 1  Anw. Dt.Ch. VDH  Fantasia von Ester's Castle  (owner B.Tej)

the girl of a good friend


Impressions around the show


we started with a cup of coffee


Susanne!!!!!!!, we got delicious potatoesalad!!!!

some more?????


our happyCarola


A big thank you to the judge Mr. Petr Studenik

for his fast and good work (100  Meldungen),

and we have to say thank you to the " weathergod " ,

who let the sun shine almost all the time.



Siegen   19.  Mai  2007


Judge:   Barbara Müller  (CH)



V 1    Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH

Ingrid' s  I'm the Princess of Classic Line




 1.Platz,  V-CAC,    Best Senior of the breed 

Ingrid's Claudio of Classic Line

Bester Veteran der Schau,     BOS


Bester Cocker-Rüde der Schau  BOS

2 oldies but still young



a kiss for the winner




Dortmund  05.Mai 2007


Judge : Elaine Thomas (GB)



Platz 1    Anw.Dt Vet.Ch.    Res.Vet.CAC

Ingrid's Claudio of Classic Line






V 2    Res.VDH-Anw.

Ingrid's  I'm  the Princess of Classic Line






Saarbrücken 14.April 2007


Judge:  D.Piljevic (Serbien)



V 1        Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH

Ingrid's I'm the Princess of Classic Line




Berlin 25. 03. 2007


judge: A.Rathbone (GB)



After a long journey

s u n r i s e    few miles to BERLIN


Claudio   1st time in the senior class


senior - class


Ingrid's Claudio of Classic Line

Best Senior


senior endcompetition

B e s t  s e n i o r


Claudio won the 5. th place of all kinds of  senior dogs


champion - class


Ingrid's I'm the Pricess of Classic Line

Best Bitch





endcompetion bitches

Best Dog            Best Bitch




Frankfurt 25.02. 2007


Richter: Frau S.Jarmer (A)


Champion - Klasse

V 1  Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH 

Ingrid's I'm the Princess of Classic Line




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