Twenty years
1984 - 2004

"vom Riesengebirge" / "…of Classic Line"

Our kennel started with two dogs and two bitches from England. All four of them gained their Ch. titles and passed on their qualities to their offspring.
Many sweet. healthy puppies have been the result. Some went abroad and gained their titles there - I kept five of them over the years which also became champions. But the greatest stroke of luck came on the 4th April 2004: my 30th litter and the result of a dream-mating of Ingrid's Claudio of Classic Line and Ingrid's Gwendy of Classic Line:

 four puppies, for the first time with two orange-roan girls.
 It was clear that one of them just had to be mine!



the proud parents



left - Claudio / right Gwendy





the girls at 6 weeks



Ingrid's I'm the Princess




Ingrid's I'm the Queen


the boys at 6 weeks



Ingrid's I'm the Lord



Ingrid's I'm the King

Ingrid´s I´m the Princess of Classic Line, now known as " INGA"

stayed at home with me

and won
  Best Puppy in Iserlohn 2004  
  Class Best in Bramsche 2004  
  Best Puppy in Brüssel 2004  



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